Friday, July 17, 2009


Every Month, I will add another Talented Author to this *SPOTLIGHT Blog*
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for All of my Authors. I wish you All Many years of Happiness in your
achievements & writing endeavors!
Author/Independent Reviewer/Geri Ahearn

Monday, July 6, 2009

D.H. Brown

"Honor Due" *****REVIEW "Honor Defended" *****REVIEW July/2009

Stephen R. Meier

"Katka" *****REVIEW June/2009

Dominique L. Watson

"The Tension Reliever Volume I" *****REVIEW May/2009

Morgan Fitzsimons and Kat Jones

"The Timeweavers" *****REVIEW April/2009

Jonathan Miller

"Volcano Verdict" *****REVIEW "La Bajada Lawyer" *****REVIEW March/2009

Dominique L. Watson

"How To Keep God In Your Life" ****REVIEW February/2009

Katherine "Kat" Smith

"The Naked Author" *****REVIEW January/2009

Besa Kosova

"Raindrops" *****REVIEW December/2008

M.J. Allaire

"Dragon's Blood" *****REVIEW "The Prisoner" *****REVIEW "Dragon's Tear" *****REVIEW October/2008

Charles Spencer

"Hell Knight" *****REVIEW September/2008

Kelly Moran

"An Insomniac's Dream" *****REVIEW "When The Leaves Stop Falling" *****REVIEW August/2008

Susan Honeycutt

"Alfaland" *****REVIEW July/2008

J. Hale Turner

"Orange Clouds Blue Sky" *****REVIEW June/2008