Sunday, April 1, 2012

*Featured Author Of The Month/April/2012* WAYNE ZURL

Author of: "A New Prospect:City Limit"    5 Star Review


~~~Author Interview

**About The book


~Contains as much Yankee charm as 'My Cousin Vinny!'

~As Suspenseful as 'Thirteen Days!'

~As dramatic as 'Presumed Innocent!'



J. D. Michael Phelps said...

Hi Geri,

THANK YOU for a great interview with one of the best new writing talents and one of my favorite Authors, WAYNE ZURL (Chief Sam Jenkins). Any of his books would be fantastic TV series or major Film.

Michael Phelps
The Execution of Justice
The Jockey's Justice
David Janssen-My Fugitive (With Ellie Janssen)
David Janssen-Our Conversations (Coming 2012)

Author Geri Ahearn said...

Thank you Michael for Visiting & Commenting. I Totally agree & that's my opinion of Only 1 book I've read thus far. His Talent shines throughout & I can't wait to read the next as I happen to love this genre. Also, I agree that TV series or Major Film is well-suited for his work. And that's where my Job comes in to Continue Exposure & publicity until my fingers hurt from typing. On a Positive Note...I can see his Dream come True!

Wayne Zurl said...

Thanks Geri for featuring me this mmonth. And thanks, Michael for stopping by and offering such a nice comment. When should I start a casting call for Prospect PD characters? I hope we get a primetime network slot, but even a cable series would do. After all, Elmore Leonard is on FX.

Author Geri Ahearn said...

You are quite welcome Wayne, and may I add, Well-Deserved!

Micheal Rivers said...

Excellent Wayne start the casting call now there are those of who want to be the bad guy LOL Great interview!Love the books.

Author Geri Ahearn said...

Hello Micheal,
Thank you for Visiting & Commenting. I can see Wayne's writing Talent heading the Right direction & that Prediction is based Only on 1 book I've read thus far. Quite anxious to read the Next!